Vacated Championship Reign

The NCAA has announced the Southern Cal Trojans must vacate 14 wins in the 2004 & 2005 seasons.  This announcement created some discussions about how The College Football Belt should handle the situation.  The concept of The Belt is simple & therefore made the decision on how to handle the Trojans sanctions simple.  The champion is decided on the field so while Southern Cal was using an ineligible player (Reggie Bush), they still defended The Belt every time they took the field.  Those teams that played the Trojans were unable to take The Belt in a game so the Champions' Lineage will not change to reflect a line from UCLA 2004; the first game that Bush was declared ineligible.

Bush also returned the Heisman Trophy & the Heisman Trophy Trust chose to leave the award vacant for the 2005 season.

The records will be modified to show the title vacant from December 4, 2004 to January 4, 2006 when the Texas Longhorns claimed the title on the field be defeating Southern Cal in the Rose Bowl.  The statical records for the Trojans will be modified to vacate the 14 wins over the timeframe which will also impact the coaching record of Pete Carroll in Belt Games.  Bush's statics in games in which he was ineligible will be removed from his career numbers & any individual records he recorded during the time will be removed.

There are many opinions on how to handle this issue from a historical perspective but these actions seem to stay with the concept of The College Football Belt while still punishing the offending party.


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